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Ofir Duan

Certified Teacher

    Ofir Duan is from Israel, from a city called “Rishon Le Zion” (near Tel-Aviv).

    Between 2004 – 2007 - I attended the “Kibbutzim College of Performing Arts” (one of the leading art schools in Israel) and got a Certificate in Acting.

    Between 2009 – 2011 - I attended the “Kibbutzim College of Performing Arts” again and got my Certificate in Directing and Teaching Drama.

    Since then, I have been acting permanently in fringe theatres around Israel. – (classical like Chekhov, Shakespeare… etc., and also contemporary material) – now acting in 6 different shows at a time.

    I'm creating my own works. - I am writing plays and translating plays from English to Hebrew. (for instance, my adaptation to the novel "the painted bird" became a very successful one man show in "Israel festival" 2015).

    I'm also translating a lot of plays and even books.

    I translated “To The Actor” by Michael Chekhov to Hebrew – this will come out in September 2018.

    I translated “For The Actor” by Lenard petit to Hebrew and working on the rights.

    I am a high-school teacher at three different high-schools in Israel, one of them is the leading art school in the country "telma yalin".

    in all of them I teach the Chekhov work.

    I'm also teaching  private intensives of the Chekhov work to professional actors in Israel, and offering workshops in Commedia dell’arte for years now.

    I continue to develop my craft. Recent things I have been studying -

    Commedia dell’arte with Didi Hopkins from the National Theatre, London.

    Commedia dell’arte with Stefano de Luca from Piccolo Theatre in Italy.

    Shakespearean acting through Alexander Technique (1-year with Moshe Malka from Israel).

    I continue to grow with the Chekhov work and the NMCA pedagogy!

Ofir Duan